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dBASE web applications are doing all sorts of things - querying tables, writing HTML, writing and sending e-mail, saving table records from HTML input, building SQL statements from user input, managing security... all with ONE great product!

As Alan Katz once said - " This is not your father's dBASE ! "

Check out these sites and see what dBASE web apps can do!

ChelseaData.ca hosted client sites:

  • wwMediaSoft - dBASE web applications for small business
  • Mentesoglu - Turkish stationery supplier
  • Bruce's NFL Pool (private) - LOTS of number crunching, on-line administration, user data entry, e-mail confirmation, user profiles, and more

Externally hosted companies/organizations using ChelseaData.ca for interactive dBASE applications:

ChelseaData.ca-managed sites:

Technical demonstration sites: (Note: These are very basic technical demonstration sites only.)

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