Announcing the RabbittySoft dBrowser 0.1


Announcing the release of the RabbittySoft dBrowser version 0.1. The dBrowser makes a fine alternative to Internet Explorer or Firefox - it includes many features, and someday may include Popup Blocking.

Frequently asked questions about the RabbittySoft dBrowser:
What is it?
The RabbittySoft dBrowser is a web browser, written in dBL, the dBASE Plus programming language. It is based on the Microsoft Web Browser activex control.
Why would I want it?
Because you are an intrepid dBASE programmer and you are interested in getting under the hood to see what makes a browser tick. Because you are interested in helping this open-source project succeed. Because you like to try alternative browsers. Because you have a dBASE desktop form that needs to communicate with a distant server.
...so many reasons - these are only a few of the possibilities!
What are the system requirements?
The download has been tested successfully on Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 Pro. It should work on other versions. Please let me know if you are / are not successful with other Windows versions.
Can I get the source code?
Yes, the source code is available in the Downloads section below. The source code is currently released under a PHK-style Beerware license and I'm working towards the GNU GPL.
Version 0.1 sounds pretty rough. When is 1.0 coming out?
Good question. It all depends on how fast things go. It's not a commercial project, so there is no pressure.
Why the name - "RabbittySoft" ?

The marketing department made me change the corporate name - they didn't think "HareBrained Software" was a good idea.

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Stability you can trust - from RabbittySoft


Coming soon!

Browser only (for those with the dBASE Runtime installed):
dBrowser exe
dBrowser ini (stops that annoying IDAPI error message)

Runtime only:
dBASE Runtime Self-extracting exe (2.0 MB compressed; a better choice of runtimes (with installers) is also available at dBASE.com - uncompressed, though - 10-13 MB.)

dBrowser source code (wfm, prj, mnu files):
dBrowser_Source zip

Install instructions:

  1. Download the required files (see the section above).
For a complete install, run the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

For manual installs:
  1. Create a folder - ie. C:\Program Files\dBrowser
  2. Download the exe and ini files to that folder
  3. Run dBrowser.exe
  4. Optionally, create a desktop shortcut and/or QuickLaunch icon.

What about support?
Good question. I'm hoping to get some.

How can I help?
If you are a dBASE developer, please feel free to have a look at the source code and make corrections.

Release History:
Initial Release
0.1 - Dec 29, 2005

Problems? Comments? Please contact us.
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