The RabbittySoft dBuilder 0.4


Announcing the release of the RabbittySoft dBuilder version 0.4. dBuilder can be used for batch compiling and building of web executables. It includes several features, and customization opportunities.

Frequently asked questions about the RabbittySoft dBuilder:
What is it?
The RabbittySoft dBuilder is a dBASE program, used for compiling and building dBASE web applications. It is written in dBL, the dBASE Plus programming language. dBuilder uses a .dbf table to track when your prg files were last edited, so at compile and build time, it knows what files need to be recompiled. The current version of dBuilder is a command-line program; there is no GUI. Perhaps version 0.5 ...
Why would I want it?
Because you are a dBASE programmer and you want more control over your compilation and build processes. Because you are interested in helping this open-source project succeed.
...so many reasons - these are only a few of the possibilities!
What are the system requirements?
The download has been tested successfully on dBASE 2.61.3 on Windows 2000 Professional. It may work on other versions. Being source code and all, it can probably be compiled on dB2K or VdBASE 7, if necessary.
Can I get the source code?
Yes, the source code is available in the Downloads section below. The source code is currently released under a PHK-style Beerware license.


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dBuilder source code (1 prg, 1 dbf files):
dBuilder_Source zip

Install instructions:

For manual installs:
  1. Download the zipped source code to your machine
  2. Unzip the files and copy them to a folder of dBASE web application source code
  3. Open the dBuilder.prg file with a source code editor. Read the instructions and set the variables. Close and save the file. Run the program. Status and results are displayed in the results window.

How can I help?
If you are a dBASE developer, please feel free to have a look at the source code and make corrections.

Release History:
Initial Release
0.4 - May 16, 2007

Problems? Comments? Please contact us.
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