Domo-kun - the Early Years

Note (02 April 2010): there has been a lot going on in the Domo-kun universe. There are new characters, the originals now have different names, and there appear to be all sorts of new marketing opportunities for someone <g>.

HOWEVER, all of the stuff on these pages are Domo "classic" - the original characters, names and plots from the original NHK vignettes.

I am providing this material as a tribute to the little brown guy, and as thanks to those who have provided me with all this great Domo-kun information !

Classic Domo-kun VIDEOS page

What's a Domo-kun?
Domo-kun (That's his name) is officially a mascot of the BS2 satellite TV service of NHK, a Japanese TV network. Unofficially, Domo-kun has become an internet celebrity, showing up in all sorts of places.
Lots of stuff also available at:
What a strange chocolate: A Domo-kun sort of FAQ:
An investigation of Domo-merchandise in Kyoto, Japan:

The rest of this page (and some of the stuff above, actually) has just been blatantly copied from other pages, many of which seem to be bandwidth-poor or have died. So I'm doing everyone a favour by hosting it *and making public acknowledgement of their work*. Thanks again, unnamed contributors!

More links to things about Domo:

Domo and his mates explained... ;-) Domomode website has been updated significantly. I loved the original awkward translations and syntax,the old rabbit likes TV. It's a trivial thing.

Mysterious far east... what about a ride in a domo-train? Maybe it stops at Usajii's cave...

japanese domo-train 1 japanese domo-train 2

I've collected lots of domo-kun pictures from several locations across the web, most of them on japanese (?) pages, so even if I want to, I can't tell who the author/creator of those pictures is --- well, as real life showed to me, at least the authors know what's theirs.
If you find your pictures here and think they're presented in an inappropriate way, or if you'd like your copyright mentioned, please email me.
So if you want to see pictures of domo-kun in real-life and what people make out of it, have a look here, or enjoy a few short-stories with Domo and little mates made up by Dana (she's got a new domo-tattoo ! oh my ;-)).


This is probably where many of us first saw Domokun. I know I did. Well, I think I did. It's the first place that I can recall seeing Domokun, although it was just a "scary monster" at the time.

Tim Tate (a blogger) received too many of those kittens, so he made this!

If you need the whole story, go to Kuro5hin. WARNING! Beware of the last pic, it's not, I repeat NOT for domo-kun fans!

Lot's of funny domo-pics where you don't expect them. In a counter-strike (that's what I call a game;-) forum.

And hey, if you want to put up a Domo-Kun fansite on your own - fine idea!

More pics, also a few well known ones from drews site, can be found here. The fun-aspect is, you can rate those pics.
Thanks to all those Photoshop Jerks out there ;-)

yes, it looks like this! Pezito sent me a nice domo-wallpaper he made by himself. It's 1024x768 and rather huge (765K) as bmp, so I offer a compressed version (jpg 155K) as well.
This reminds me to remind you of the cool desktop-pictures drew has made. ;-)

Skyamese, big domo-fan after a Tokyo visit, sent a self-made Domo-Kun gif. Animated little thingy usable as IM buddy-icon e.g.
Download here.

Molly Kiely runs a nice site and obviously became 'Domo-Mad' ;-) See a few items of her obsession here.

And another Domo-Kun fansite. Seems Domo becomes very popular lately. This one exists for a few weeks now, but besides links to other Domo-Kun pages (including mine, thanks ;-) they didn't manage to put up content 'til now. There are no links we don't know unfortunately. We'll observe this one ;-)
At least 'Froggy' (yup, that's what he calls himself, and he seems to be a nice guy) claims to own a lot of Domo-URLs. ( Wow, that's great!
Congratulations ;-)

Domo Nation

Have you seen the movie Donnie Darko? Fnord did a lot (on DVD ;-) and was inspired to do a "Domo Darko". Try it here. As I don't use the Real-Player, I wasn't able to check this... I really hope that I don't recommend sh** (otherwise tell me).

RoG, webmaster of, made a Domo-Kun flash-game with his friends. They spent a lot of time on it and called it Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest.

Tammy from the nice OrangeYouGlad site made Domo-Kun costumes for halloween. Detailed instructions are posted here.

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