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THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING REORGANIZED - it is going to be put into proper chronological order. It was originally a mishmash of photos, a bit of blog here and there, in 2 or 3 reverse chronological parts.

This is the story of a kitten rescue - it was the most amazing experience I've had in years. It brings a smile to my face, when I stumble across something that reminds me of those 2 months.The Bathtub KittenCam ran for about a month (mid-Nov to mid-Dec 2007) allowing me the visual reassurance that the kitten was okay - finally, a Truly Useful computer project.

-photo updated every 10 minutes between 7am and 11pm (beta)
-kitten is now capable of jumping out of the tub (yes, that's my bathtub) so you may see just an empty tub. Also, as he gets older, he needs more exercise so he gets to come out to the rest of the house.
-a bigger room needs to be set up; it will be good to get my bathroom back
-there are some notes AND MORE PHOTOS below the webcam photo - call it a KittenBlog if you want ...
-if you still haven't gotten your cute fix, there is a photo gallery of the early days (I will update it soon; it was written at the time, some info is wrong). -17 November - kitten is 6 or 7 weeks old now (no, I haven't named him yet)
-24 November - kitten is spending most of his time in the living room - stay tuned for photos of the
exciting Kitten Containment System® aka the KittenWall
-25 November - presenting a new photo album: The Cardboard Kitten Castle
-27 November - another photo album: The KittenWall and Other Stories
-01 December NOTE: KittenCam is not running very often these days - Kitten is older and more active;
he doesn't want to spend much time in the kitten nest when there's stuff to explore.
If you want to read chronologically, you should start at the bottom of the page.

-30 December - Happy news! Kitten is coming back home on New Year's Day 2008! I've missed him so much,
and things weren't working out with Velcro so he will be moving back to Chelsea with me and Schwartz.
-17 January - well, kitten didn't come home after all; they were okay together for the next 2 days, so their human
figured that they had worked things out, and they've been fine together ever since.
I miss the kitten, but I'm happy for him - he's got a brother to play with and a happy home.

  13 Nov 07 7:50pm - No, the camera is working - I've just turned the lights out in the kittening room, hoping that this will inspire the kitten to snooze (or at least rest) for several hours.  
  13 Nov 07 7:50pm - note 2: the camera fell over today - it's temporarily mounted with duct tape. The pictures were not showing the complete kitten nest, mostly just the catbox.  
  14 Nov 07 7:45pm - This is my quiet time - after the kitten has been played with and fed and played with some more and cleaned up, and then after my elder cat gets food and some quality time, and after I get fed, there is a short period of rest when I can write up some kitten notes for future reference. It's all over too soon as the whole process starts again at 8:45 or so. I'm kinda down tonight - I went to the Daily Kitten today, and it was so sad.  
  17 Nov 07 9:07am - writing blogs must be for people with lots of time on their hands. ;-) Thursday and Friday evenings were a little too hectic. Yes, kitten is getting lots of quality playtime. Weaning is coming along - he's eating food from a bowl, and lapping up water although he still gets KMR formula sometimes, also in a bowl. No more bottle! Yay!  
  27 Nov 07 7:10pm - I'm on medical leave for several days; I'm in pain, but quasi-mobile and able to do some stuff around the house. I put up another photo gallery today (see links at top of page). I'm thinking of moving the kitten from the living room to the back room, just so I can take down the KittenWall - it's not working, and I find it very intrusive. Kitten likes it, as it's a great climbing challenge! Kitten will be leaving probably around December 7th - I love the little guy, but I am sooooo tired, and sooooo looking forward to getting back to normal. HA HA - normal won't be here until after New Year's!  
  kittencam.jpg was updated: October 16 2011 20:58:50.
07 Dec 07 8:54pm - a recent shot showing an awake kitten looking up near the camera!
28 Nov 07 4:32pm - a message from those tireless nest workers Catbert, Earl the Dead Cat, KrinkleMouse and FabricMouse:
23 Nov 07 6:27pm - from 23 November afternoon - he just gets cuter and cuter
23 Nov - I'm leaving up this action shot from last evening so you can see with your own eyes the peril that I'm living in - I was trying to clean up a bit (and take poor Catbert out of the litterbox - he's the red toy in my right hand) and as you can clearly see, I was viciously attacked by a kitten; he's under my left arm, latching on to the soft skin of my inner forearm. It's okay - he's at the age where he's always fighting and biting; he's learning close combat, stalking and many other cat skills. (This happens all the time; it's not really anything special - it's just that it was caught on camera)
20 Nov 07 8:47pm - I just got the best news in the whole world - Kitten has a forever home! Merci bien, Jennifer - je suis certain que le chaton ira un foyer chaleureux et acceuillant. (Excuse my spelling and grammar, I'm english!) I'm going to be very sad to part with the little cutie, but my other cat is old and he's still stressed by the whole thing. I've had him for 16 years so I feel more devotion to him, and I want him to have a nice warm and quiet "retirement home" environment. Kitten will be here until mid-December, at least so I still have lots of time with him. Tonight, I'm rebuilding the kitten-wall around his playroom (formerly the living room). He will still stay in the bathroom overnight and while I'm at work.
18 Nov 07 10:01pm - I snapped the picture this afternoon to show the progress - my little baby kitten is growing up! Yesterday, I showed him how to climb the carpeted kitten perch for the first time. Today, he did it all by himself; I didn't see how well he can climb, but I came in and there he was. It's a good 4 1/2 foot climb.
  18 Nov 07 9:12am - a glorious sunny Sunday morning, cold (-5C) but no wind; I have a feeling I'll be outside doing winter preparations today. Kitten has been out in the living room for an hour, rediscovering Schwartz' toys. I made a discovery too! I've put a catbox in the living room, but kitten decided to pee beside it rather than in it. Now there's a puppy pad underneath.  
  18 Nov 07 10:20am - some pictures from yesterday morning - Kitten is spending more time out in the living room (Note: the living room has become more of a computer parts storage room), so I thought you might like to see what's going on out there, instead of an empty tub:
Lookit all the fun toys I get! (So nice of Schwartz to donate/share his toys - he can't play with them any more until kitten is safely out of quarantine.)

Kitten increasing his fibre intake. He's up on the kitten perch in the living room corner window - what a great view of the outdoors.

  09 Dec 07 9:26pm - Wow! He's the Daily Kitten for December 9, 2007! Check it out! He's now a world-famous celebrity kitten!  

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